lighten the dark: wrapped

This is what I was too grumpy to post yesterday, because I hate wrapping. I’d wrapped two pass the parcels before morning coffee o’clock, and was still wrapping pressies for today’s birthday at a time when I’d rather have been asleep.


I am afraid of sellotape, it attacks me for no reason, and sticks to itself rather than where I want it. Clingfilm is the same.


Luckily, my Ikea woodland-on-an-acid-trip paper makes me smile.




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2 responses to “lighten the dark: wrapped

  1. katherinea

    I like the Ikea paper! I am one of those freaks who hat actually like wrapping parcels. Until I’ve done about ten and then I get fed up. I’ve been known to volunteer to wrap for other people before.

  2. Mrs Redboots

    I don’t like it, either, although I had a lovely rectangular box to wrap tonight and it was wonderful because it was easy.. And then there was a most weird-shaped object, which undid all the good.

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