the Great New Year Stash Inventory

Today was all sunny and blue skies, and a good time was had by all in the great outdoors, huzzah!


Tomorrow’s forecast suggests a return to the usual form of heavy rain all day, but I have a cunning little plan. I intend to catalogue ALL THE YARN. And then come up with innovative plans for knitting it.

(These two pictures were taken from the same spot, seconds apart. Isn’t winter afternoon light a funny thing, eh?)


And as it’s a new year, etc etc, I thought it would be jolly to have a little competition. Just like Blue Peter. Only without the funky badge. There are two questions.

1) How much yarn do I currently own?

2) How much will I have knitted by the end of 2014?

I’ll take answers as either length or weight (not sure which will sound the most alarming…)

Answers in a blog comment, please (because if you put them on facebook, I’ll never find them again in a year’s time)

One lucky winner tomorrow when I’ve finished counting, and the other at the end of the year.

Gosh, I can hardly bear the excitement…



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15 responses to “the Great New Year Stash Inventory

  1. Gnome

    1) Inexplicably you own the amount of miles of yarn that will stretch exactly from your house to Orkney.
    2) a third of the stash, but you will have acquired at least as much.

  2. dawn

    ooo errrrrr – not including shade cards (and it arrived here today btw – thankyou very much!) I think you will have as much yarn as the middle not so small weighs!

    And by the end of the year you will have knitted half of it and replaced about a third (just to make you do lots of maths…)

  3. Hmmm – you currently own yarn that stretches approx. 173 miles, and by the end of the year you will have knitted approx. 42 kgs…

  4. Sugar

    I think you have enough yarn to stretch to Orkney from my house!
    You will have knitted a one way trip to Orkney from your house!

  5. Liz

    63.2 miles of yarn. You will knit 42 miles by the end of the year but will end the year with a stash of 51 miles.

  6. Your yarn will go three times round the equator. By the end of the year you will still have all of it plus more but will have taken up stunt rally driving as a more appropriate hobby for life on Derbyshire.

  7. Ciorstaidh

    Well, looking at *my* stash, I have about 21 1/2 miles of yarn, which is about 10 kg because of masses of laceweight. You’ve been knitting rather longer than I have so I’m going to guess twice that, 43 miles – which still looks conservative compared to everyone else!

    I think you’ll knit up 15 miles of stash yarnover the year, knowing your penchant for mega projects in 4ply. That excludes anything you buy and knit up immediately (which I never count in my stash), but that might add an extra 3 miles? šŸ˜‰

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