stash, part 1: the answer is like a puffin

I’m delighted to say you all overestimated the extent of my problem yarn collection. The stash turns out to be – like a puffin- smaller than you’d expect. Although, possibly not precisely small. How do you define these things? I prefer to think of it as an elegant sufficiency.

It turns out that cataloguing is not my forte. I got very bored, stopped taking pictures, and completely dismissed the fanciful notion of listing it all on Ravelry. I did, however, faithfully weigh and measure it all, so I can bring you the statistics.

This was the upstairs stash.


Yeah, to be honest, I only sorted that lot out because otherwise I couldn’t go to bed.

Then I moved downstairs. I thought the downstairs stash was more contained because it all fitted in The Chest.


I can only assume The Chest has tardislike properties, as this is what it contained. (See what I’ve done again? Had to deal with this lot if I wanted to sit down…)


After a little number crunching, I can reveal that I own 11.5 kilogrammes, or 42.29 kilometres, of yarn. Which is 26 miles, 488 yards, or pretty much a marathon’s worth of yarn (hey, who knew? maybe I really am going to finish a marathon this year after all…) Which means that Kirsty was nearest, huzzah! I shall send a prize, at some point when I feel like it.

At some point, I’ll post the edited highlights of what I found in there, and what I’m inspired to turn it all into.



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3 responses to “stash, part 1: the answer is like a puffin

  1. dawn

    I am disappointed in you! I really thought you would have more than that, even if not quite as much as I suggested. You really need to do some serious stash building this year……

  2. katherinea

    See! I said you didn’t have enough to stretch to Orkney. And I didn’t have to unpack it all to tell you that. Also, why is it all the same colour? šŸ˜‰
    We have been valuing the contents of our flat this evening in a sort of symmetry.

  3. Ciorstaidh

    That is a very restrained stash! I’d love a chest like your downstairs stash, lack of anywhere to put it notwithstanding, but think that two drawers and two baskets is probably storage space enough for yarn šŸ˜‰

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