a mild case of insa(k)nit(t)y

I’ve been quite ridiculously productive on the knitting front so far this year, but due to persistent wetgrey and lack of light, I haven’t been taking photographs and blogging about it. But today, the sun actually came out for a few hours, and before I scampered outside to enjoy it, I took some quick pictures of knitting.

So here’s everything I’ve knitted since Christmas (and a quick stash reduction total).

The first thing I cast on, as soon as my Christmas jumper was done, was this cowl in beautiful chunky yarn. The vast majority of my knitting is in 4 ply, so this was an exciting change, all finished in a couple of hours. The other deeply exciting thing for My Inner Geek is that it is a moebius. Seriously, everybody needs to knit one of these at some point in their life, just to relish the sensation of their brain imploding. The instructions make no sense, but if you follow them, it magically works.

(100g, 100 m)


Then I cast on for another fairisle hat. This one was made particularly exciting by the gorgeous hand-dyed rainbow yarn, which I accidentally acquired from a friend’s unstashing… what can I say? these things happen…

(40g, 160m)


Then I did the great stash inventory, and rediscovered all sorts of things, and made plans for ten million new projects. This is Knitting Goddess sock yarn, knitted up into a rather lovely lacy cowl. I know precisely whose present it will be, so am feeling rather smug. (And have remembered my lack of enthusiasm for lace knitting).

(100g, 400m)


This is some rather lovely hand-dyed possum-containing sock yarn from the Great NZ Yarn Haul. I’ve tried knitting it up at least twice already, but frankly, lovely as it is, that possum FUZZ is challenging. I was determined this time. Also, I can never find any gloves to wear. So I found this rather delightful cabled glove pattern on Ravelry. I like cables. These were a very satisfying knit.

(40g, 160m)


Another of the things I rediscovered was a bag of crocheted blanket squares, so I’m slowly adding to it, with leftovers. This is a slow, long term project, but one day it’ll be another blanket, for a friend.

(30g, 120m)


These are a touch embarrassing. They’re my father-in-law’s Christmas socks. Newsflash: man socks bore me. Last year he got his Christmas socks in June. I thought I was doing well this year because I actually liked the yarn, and got them cast on by Boxing Day. Nearly there now…

(100g, 400m)


And finally… I found this finished shawl. I love the yarn, but clearly did not love the finished product. I never even got around to blocking it. So it got added into the stash total, and then ripped back.


I like it much better as a toddler cardigan. I like it so much I’ve even sewn buttons on. And I know where this one’s going too. Huzzah, result!

(150g, 600m)


That’s a total of 560g/ 1940m knitted since Christmas Day. Plainly, that can only mean two things. Firstly, I succumbed and made a little replenishment purchase (but only 70g, so that’s still progress, yes?) Secondly, I am roaming the house in dangerous mood, wondering what to cast on. (Yeah, it’s been that kind of year so far, mental healthwise. I fear I’m not safe without something to occupy my hands.)

ETA: I forgot my stag! He’s approximately 50g/150m, so the grand total is 610g/2090m!



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6 responses to “a mild case of insa(k)nit(t)y

  1. Ciorstaidh

    Lovely, lovely knitting! The white just makes that rainbow yarn *pop*. We went to a Kaffe Fassett lecture last year in which he said his favourite colour is…grey. We looked bemused. He elaborated: grey makes all the other colours stand out. I think the same is true for white & black.

    That Ishbel (I think it’s an Ishbel, it does look familiar) looks much happier as a toddler’s cardigan 🙂

  2. All of that looks absolutely beautiful, but I agree I think the fair isle hat looks fantastic with the rainbow yarn. I wish I could find enough time to get that much knitting done. Also, I completely get not having Christmas presents done yet…I have three more scarves to finish before Christmas and one of them I even cast on last summer…oops!

  3. Liz

    I knitted a moebius cowl once, entirely by accident!

  4. dawn

    Almost wish I hadn’t put the rainbow yarn in the “needs a good home” pile – well it certainly got an amazing home and I’m really really impressed with what you’ve achieved. Not just the hat, but everything.

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