three good things

I am still suffering from a severe case of the Januaries. It’s still raining; half the village isn’t speaking to me (don’t ask, you’ll read all about it one day in my novel…); and for reasons entirely beyond my control, I can see the job and business I love slipping from my grasp. I’m pretty fed up.

It’s fortunate then that the making decided to behave this week, and all of my projects have been delighting me.

I dyed this set of purple mini skeins (note to self: there is a lot of winding in transforming a 100g skein into 5 20g skeins).


(Gifted, 100g/ 400m*)

This arrived in the post. Ahem. It’s for a commission, so that doesn’t count, yes?


It’s called Moonlight, and it’s turning into this Song of the Sea cowl.


This final project has been making me smile all weekend. I saw a link to Dropcloth samplers on a blog, and I swear I had ordered one in under a minute. It arrived in a happily short time from the US, and I have been forcing my family** to admire its progress all weekend.

Family: But what is it going to be?
Me: I do not care, I love it.




* The current running total for Stashdown 2014 is 710g/ 2490m knitted/ gifted.


**The family are currently indulging in manflu. They’re pretty tedious.



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3 responses to “three good things

  1. dawn

    And the mini skeins are utterly fabulous – thankyou so VERY much!

  2. Carolyn

    The yarn looks lovely, but the drop cloth sampler intreguies me and the link won’t open on my iPad, will need to click it on the PC tomorrow.

    • Carolyn

      Ok,I was impatient and googled. Now I want. Seriously considering her monthly ones, although I love colour wheel and paisley and summer lines and….well you get the picture!

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