girls just wanna have fun

Because this makes me smile: my Guides’ wordcloud.  (And yes, guidey is apparently an official adjective).


word cloud




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  1. I like that too. I used to help with my daughters’ Girl Scouts Troops (we called them) and my sons’ Cub groups.In fact, I was a leader for a year or two for the two youngest boys. That is rather funny since I am not particularly good at sports or very outdoorsy. My group preformed wonderful skits, complete with costumes. We made ice candles and many crafts with found materials. We went to field trips to museums of science and Natural History. I taught them songs and introduced them to books my sons enjoyed. We did some simple cooking. Once they were ten and in the Webelos and Boy Scouts, the fathers and other volunteers taught them all about the outdoors and camping and hiking and that sort of thing.

    My Scouts, Girls and Boys, would have like to make that Scouting Cloud.


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