February blues

Tonight I am fed up because I spent the day trying my hardest to get a job I would have enjoyed at a school I really liked, but I wasn’t good enough. Meh. That really is all I have to say on the subject. Onwards and upwards. Back to the sinking ship.

I’ve spent the evening cutting 130 three and a half inch squares of blue fabric to piece myself back together.


Due to the combination of the weather outside being frightful, and feeling as if an elephant has been sat on my chest for the past five days, I found enough knitting time to turn these…

… into this. More waves… I miss the sea…


Happy things: only three more sleeps until Orkney, where I have decreed the sun will shine, and the northern lights will dance. And I have just fifteen more days of being thirty-something, with LOTS of excitement planned.



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2 responses to “February blues

  1. katherinea

    My parents assure me that they cannot possibly have the weather up there that we are having here. And my Mum’s Scottish so she ought to know…

  2. {{{Hugs}}} have a wonderful time in Orkney

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