spring break

Oh look- six weeks have gone by without any blog!

I don’t know why I stopped posting. I think I’ve been busy. I know I’ve been angry about circumstances-beyond-my-control. And once you stop talking, it gets more and more difficult to start.

I’ve been to Orkney, celebrated my 40th birthday joyously in several phases, enjoyed spending time outside in the spring weather (yes, it finally stopped raining!) and done a little bit of knitting…

My obsession with landscape as fabric continues. I still intend to knit myself a stranded Scottish archipelago in fifty shades of sea green… one day, when I have time…

This is my Orkney souvenir cushion. I spun the graduated colours for the spots from a bag of North Ronaldsay fibre, and the neutral background yarn is also North Ronaldsay.




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5 responses to “spring break

  1. Can we go back to Orkney now please?

  2. That cushion is just stunning. I still regret that I could not go to Orkney with you.

  3. Sugar

    Agrees with Pim. Surely you need more yarn.

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