fast forward

Ooops, so I didn’t really write anything for six months.

Let me tell you how the first six months of being 40 has gone. I don’t think it was at all how I thought my life would be as a grown-up. Remember that Friends theme..? So no-one told you life was gonna be this way… that’d be me.

Things I have done since being 40 that I never got around to blogging about, and probably never will:

1) Knitted a puffin.

2) Closed down the preschool that’s been a huge part of my life for the last 8 years.

3) Been very unhappy and incredibly angry about the unfairness of item 2.

4) Applied for far too many jobs I didn’t want (dull, boo.)

5) Finally got a job I do want (huzzah!)

6) Sold off the contents of said business in order to pay my own redundancy (miserable, tedious, and undignified.)

7) In the middle of all the ghastlyness of numbers 2-6 inclusive, had a fabulous restorative holiday on Tiree with the most generous friends.


8) Desperately, determinedly, made it the Best Term Ever, because if you have to go out, you may as well do it on a high (whilst humming songs from Fr*zen.)

9) Ran away to Shetland All By Myself the minute term was over to recover.


10) planned and executed The Best Camp Ever. No false modesty here. Officially, best ever.


And then I managed this:


Short version: fell over my own feet, sesamoid fracture, four weeks of not being able to walk. Which is frankly doing my head in, because walking is how I cope with everything else. So what else is there to do but blog about it instead?



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2 responses to “fast forward

  1. ouch. I am sorry it has been so hard for you lately, but glad there were beautiful beaches in your summer! I remember when my sister turned 40 – she was hauling water to the garden, slipped and wrenched her knee. Her words? “I knew I would start to fall apart when I hit 40, but I didn’t think it would be THAT DAY.” So you aren’t alone. Heal fast and well –

  2. katherinea

    ‘At least I can blog about it’ as a certain person said.

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