when it all comes together

Sometimes, when you’re making something, you’re really not sure that you’re going to like it.


That’s how it was with this blanket. I started making squares in a spirit of pure desperation, the day I’d been told I had to sit with my foot up for four more weeks.


I made dozens of the little buggers, as a distraction from pain, tedium and frustration. I couldn’t see how the ragbag mishmash of colours was ever going to come together.


Then on Friday morning, I chucked the bag of squares onto the living room floor, and started arranging, and rearranging, and something magical happened.


Now the only trouble is that it’s for a present, and I’m secretly coveting it. But I don’t ever want another month of sitting around to drive me to make another one.



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5 responses to “when it all comes together

  1. katherinea

    It is so very pretty. but if you have to give it away it won’t remind you of the agony of enforced inactivity.
    I do like the slight softness of the colours.

  2. That is so very beautiful. I’m very jealous of whoever receive such a gorgeous thing.

  3. Mamma says please send instructions as to how you made this blanket. She loves it and wants to try. She’s taken up crochet (and quilting) now my Dad has retire so she doesn’t kill him.

  4. The blanket turned out beautifully!

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