subject and object

During the ten weeks I spent on crutches, the comment I heard over and over again was how lucky I was to have all that knitting time. After politely refuting this the first few times, I could have cheerfully garotted the next commenter with a circular needle.

Because not being able to leave the house under your own steam is BORING. It doesn’t matter how many books you read, or how many stitches you knit, it’s BORING, because it’s not a choice.

And it turns out that when I’m bored, I do boring knitting. I torture myself with huge and monotonous garter stitch projects. I think that for my sins in previous lives, I deserve to churn out a linen stitch cowl or two. BORING KNITTING. (Well, to be fair, at least two of the finished objects are charming, but they were SO BORING to produce that I’m not truly feeling the love.) Because it’s all about inspiration, and I wasn’t finding any within the four walls of my house.

Happily, I can now drive again, if not yet walk very far or fast. So this week, I have been out. OUT! Out makes me glad; out inspires me; out gives me ALL THE IDEAS AT ONCE to knit. Out has sent me firmly back into fairisle mode. And because I’ve been out into Autumn, we have Autumnal fairisle.


My first cripple walk rehab outing was up to Longshawe, which was ablaze with colour. (Crap photos because it turns out holding a camera and walking is still beyond me. Ah well, next time…)

And so… we have the Longshawe hat, in an autumn palette, with cunningly arranged crown decreases, naturally.


I have more fairisley plans now, which is FINE, because everyone needs hats, no?


Corrugated ribbing, for added pleasure…




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3 responses to “subject and object

  1. katherinea

    You are a disgrace! But I am very happy to hear of the getting out of the house. And that is a very pretty hat.

  2. That is a beautiful hat.

  3. dawn

    I so totally agree with you – I get so many comments about “aren’t you lucky to be able to knit so much” and “look at all the books you read”, but that doesn’t give me back my health or my freedom to do what I want when I want. I would so love to be able to work and whinge about lack of reading/knitting time.
    sorry – rant over! But I am so very very very pleased that you’re able to get out and about at least a little and that hat is gorgeous. May there be many more!

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