that was the year that was

After a year where nothing really went according to plan, I present to you my summary of new experiences I had in 2014.  (It’s a bit like that drinking game… feel free to down a swift G&T for every one of these you’ve shared…)

1)  turned 40 (vg, think I did it in style by celebrating for a good three months, and am continuing to use age as an excuse for absolutely all unreasonable behaviour)

2)  went to Orkney to celebrate (excellent)

3) travelled from Edinburgh to the end of the world John O’Groats in a taxi with L**** (less good, I devoutly hope never to do this again)

4) received enough compensation for the airline’s fail to go back to Orkney (vg indeed, only marred by item 9)

5)  missed the most spectacular display of northern lights Orkney has seen in years by a week (bah, must try harder)

6)  closed down a much valued preschool (vv bad, but I’m starting to get over it)

7)  ebayed, carbooted or otherwise flogged the entire contents of the aforementioned preschool to pay our own redundancy (surreally awful at the time, but luckily this makes me laugh a lot in hindsight; especially the bit where we took the kitchen sink with us)

8) organised The Best Guide Camp Ever (yes, this is official)

9) spent ten weeks on crutches due to unfortunate foot injury occurring whilst on 8) and double hospital fail in diagnosing and treating (too awful to dwell on, especially longterm recovery prospects, let’s get back to pretty yarn pictures, eh?)

10) acquired excellent new job which I love (despite saying I’d never work in a school again)

I am hoping for 2015 to be slightly less hard work…


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  1. fiona

    Happy New year Nicola!! Hope the new job goes well. And of course you are the most amazing guide leader so hope that all continues well. Devastated that LUcy has given up guides here but can’t blame a here as they are doing such boring stuff!! oh well…..

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