we make our own fun here, we do

I thought it was time for a competition. It’s very simple. All you have to do is guess the inspiration for these fairisle gloves (which I began an inordinately long time ago, but then got distracted…) The correct answer wins a prize. The precise nature of which I haven’t decided upon yet, but everyone loves a prize, no?


Answers on a postcard/ in a comment/ by carrier pigeon please.

In other news, I’ve been having the traditional New Year’s tidy up and stocktake, and have come up with a couple of jolly plans. This is the shelf of knitting books. Knitting books are very pretty. I love their inky new smell, crisp shiny pages, and general air of woolly porn. But I rarely make anything from the books I own. So I decided I would work my way along the shelf, knitting a pattern from each of the books. Until I get bored at least. That should deal with January.


I have another plan, involving Going To Places, And Doing Things, which I am fine tuning as we speak. More of that soon…



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3 responses to “we make our own fun here, we do

  1. That is a much harder challenge than my one recipe from every book one… As I have been knitting the same pair of socks since november, i salute you in your endeavour 🎩🙌

  2. katherinea

    I said lichen and bracken, but the Internet ate it.

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