This is a story that begins way back last February, when I first saw the floor tiles in St Magnus cathedral, Kirkwall.


They are beautiful and compelling- far more so than my rather gloomy photos suggest.


Most importantly, they made me think of fairisle patterns, with their diamonds and interlocking lines.


I mulled over this idea for several months, and in the summer I dug out some colours… (full marks to K who spotted the yellow is obviously meant for lichen, but that’s my next project!)


I played around with my felt tips and squared paper and produced a chart. Charting fairisle requires a conceptual shift (for me, anyhow.) Because the thing you don’t need is a pixellated reproduction of your subject, it’s more of a riff on a theme.


The (many times amended) chart turned quickly into a glove.


After several more months, there was even a second glove. (Yeah, one of those “Life got in the way” projects. Small fairisle projects where you need to read the chart every line definitely need a good long block of concentrated knitting time- not one to pick up and put down.)


Finished gloves, ready to be posted to a friend who would have loved to be in Orkney last summer, but didn’t get there in the end. Hopefully they can accompany her when she gets to make the trip.




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2 responses to “symmetry

  1. katherinea

    Haha. Inspiration a floor on an island a million miles away that no one can get to…
    Harsh. Kind of like the wind on Orkney.

  2. Gorgeous. If you can’t get the person to the floor, translate it into wool and send it.

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