This is my new impulse knit project- thrummed slippers. Don’t you love that word? Thrum, thrum, thrumthrumthrmmittythrum…


See how cosy…


Seriously woolly tufty orifice.


All the pretty colours (I used a bag of rather beautifully dyed, but virtually unspinnable Shetland fleece, bought in Orkney).


My only problem is that I now have one slipper… and two feet. Poor sad injured left foot has first slipper privileges. Now I just need a snow day so I have time to knit the other one.




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2 responses to “favouritism

  1. that looks wonderful! I hope you get time to do the other one soon!

    I have been eyeing thrummed mittens lately…even as I work on stranded ones… 🙂

  2. dawn

    that looks fabulous – and what a brilliant idea.

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