time to talk

The drugs I was prescribed to take away my (misdiagnosed) physical agony took away my words instead, and left me wanting to hurt myself.  Sometimes the mental pain is every bit as real and debilitating.  I am immensely lucky to have friends who will drop everything and just be there, to keep me safe, from myself.  I am also fortunate to work in an environment where I can admit this openly, without fear.

It’s time to talk about mental health.



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2 responses to “time to talk

  1. katherinea

    I am so glad it wasn’t Trigeminal Neuralgia. Not half as glad as I bet you are, but I’m so glad you don’t need the drugs that were doing that.

  2. It’s such a horrible thing to go through: and I wish it hadn’t had to happen. But, again, I’m pleased you’ve the support, and some answers, and that it’s not Neuralgia.

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