let it go

Today I finished off the last few bits of paperwork to close down the business end of our lovely co-operative preschool. (Yeah, I may have been procrastinating from this, but do you know how hard it is to close down a bank account when faced with the monumental incompetence that is our local branch of RBS?) Even though it’s been gone in reality for half a year, the final signing and handing over of forms hit me hard. I still find it horrifying how quickly we dismantled that vibrant little world of ours.  After eight years, and hundreds of children and families, there was nothing left behind. (Not even the kitchen sink, mwahaha, running gag…)

On the bright side, all the things I really hated (spreadsheets, paperwork and difficult decisions dictated by hard economic reality) about running my own business are also gone from my life finally and forever, and this afternoon’s shredding has cleared a whole shelf.

I think I may be a bit postviral. And very very tired of how here in Derbyshire it’s always winter, but never Christmas. My plan is for the rest of halfterm to consist of singing, fresh air and the pub, then I might be ready to go back to my lovely new job and take over the world through the media of junk modelling and fire.


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