wake me up when (this enforced sedentary interlude) ends

It’s been five weeks and three days since I wrecked my left foot, and I swear, I am going mad. The only places I’ve been out of the house in the last fortnight are work, medical appointments and Guides.

Today I propelled myself around the block with my crutches and my (misnamed, as it’s blatantly not really meant for) walking cast, which is already starting to crumble around the edges. That is a grand distance of 0.76 miles (at an average speed of 1.66 mph, thanks Google) and represents my longest outing yet. The world’s suddenly turned to Autumn, and I’m still hobbling in search of my lost summer.

I miss walking like… really, I don’t have the words for this one. Walking is my coping mechanism; my way of thinking, and dealing; it’s how I find a rhythm; it’s my way of experiencing the world. And I don’t have it right now.

I don’t do indoors. I don’t do dependency. Or asking for help.

It turns out what I do do rather well is frustration and self pity.

Whinge over. 26 days to go…



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8 responses to “wake me up when (this enforced sedentary interlude) ends

  1. dawn

    So many hugs and much sympathy. I know only too well that having to ask for help is horrible. I honestly don’t know how I’d cope if I couldn’t get in the car and drive off.

  2. Many many hugs. Is there anything I can bring you back from Vegas that might cheer you up?

  3. I entirely understand, I was a nightmare to live with, if you need to moan give us a call, I have never felt so sad as the winter it snowed heavily and I had to waive the kids off with Darren to play as there was just no way I could risk it on crutches.

  4. katherinea

    Much sympathy, it would drive me mad too. I live in fear of being confined to the house, or worse a hospital. I’ve never had either and I get cabin fever after about a day.

  5. 25 days now. And much sympathy. If I could take some frustration for you, I would. The walking cast disintegrating sounds particularly annoying. In the meantime. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-do-cats-purr/. Assemble a cohort!

  6. mrsredboots

    Huge sympathies!

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